The Florida Pulp and Paper Association, known as FPPAEA, is the State trade association for Florida’s Forest Products Industry, representing pulp, paper, packaging, and wood products manufacturers, and forest landowners. The Forest Products Industry is ranked in the top 5 manufacturing sector employers for both number of jobs and employee compensation. The industry is also Florida’s leading manufacturer in sustainability and providing green jobs. The industry employs over 30,000 Floridians in high-paying jobs, leads the way on recycling and renewable energy generation, and sustainably manages Florida’s forests.

pine-hi-resFPPAEA’s Mission

The mission for FPPAEA is to achieve a balance between Florida’s Pulp and Paper Industry, its communities, and the environment.

FPPAEA’s Objectives

  1. Participating in the statutory and regulatory processes to ensure that existing and future environmental laws and regulations applicable to the industry are truly beneficial to the environment, practical to implement, and cost-effective.
  2. Facilitating the understanding of applicable environmental laws and regulations so that each member facility may maintain full compliance with these laws and regulations.
  3. Monitoring the public’s concerns that are common to the Forest Products Industry and providing answers to these concerns.
  4. Providing a proactive and ongoing education of our industry’s issues and maintaining open and honest communication with all stakeholders.