Rayonier Inc.
Foot of Gum Street
Post Office Box 2002
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32035

Website: http://www.rayonier.com/
Telephone: (904) 261-3611

Mill Employment

The operations in Florida provide ongoing employment for approximately 320 people.

Company Products

The Fernandina Beach dissolving sulfite mill produces 155,000 metric tons of chemical cellulose.  These high purity wood pulps are used in manufacturing photographic film, cigarette filters, whipped topping, eyeglass frames, vitamins, rayon fabric, kidney dialysis filters, toothpaste, and ice cream.

Economic Information

The operations in Florida have an annual payroll of over $24 million, purchased materials, supplies and services of over $66 million, and pay state and local taxes of over $3 million for a total direct area impact of over $93 million.

Environmental Information

Rayonier is dedicated to leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment.  The mill operates a dedicated stand-alone industrial wastewater treatment system for treating its liquid wastes, which is mostly water.  It also operates eight different high-efficiency scrubbers to treat air emissions.  All permits are current and properly managed.  It is Rayonier, Inc. policy to not only strictly comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations but also to strive, though preventative action and continuous improvement, to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment and community.  The Fernandina Mill was the 2002 recipient of the American Forest and Paper Association Environmental and Energy Achievement Award in the category of Pollution Prevention for its work in the Amelia River Phytoplankton restoration project.  Rayonier also has a forest and land management division that plants more than 45 million seedlings a year in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, far exceeding the fiber requirements of its manufacturing facilities.  Rayonier actively manages more than two million acres of US forestlands and its wood procurement organization that supplies its manufacturing facilities has been third-party certified under the American Forest and Paper Association Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program.

Community Information

Rayonier is an active member of the local communities.  Its employees actively participate as volunteers on various governmental and nonprofit boards and committees.  Our employees are major contributors the United Way of NE Florida and to local fundraising efforts for worthy community-based organizations.  The Rayonier Foundation also contributes over $200,000 a year in grants and scholarships to deserving organizations and students in Northeast Florida alone.