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9469 Eastport Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Website: www.westrock.com

Telephone: (904) 751-6400



The facility in Jacksonville provides jobs for approximately 160 people.



At a level of more than 8 million tons annually, WestRock is the second largest producer of containerboard in North America. Our significant portfolio of products allows us to provide a wide range of high quality linerboard, white top and corrugating medium products. Not to mention our specialty printing grades such as coated white top, premium white top and bleached liner. With current technology and efficient paper machines we are able to offer both standard and high performance products to meet your needs.

The Jacksonville facility produces both linerboard and corrugating medium from recycled material called old corrugated containers (boxes).  The linerboard and corrugating medium are used together to make new containerboard for packaging and other uses.


WestRock will continuously work to:

  • Reduce waste and materials consumption.
  • Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce water consumption and enhance water re-use.
  • Reduce the total environmental impact of our paperboard and packaging products.
  • Improve recyclability and compostability of our products.
  • Achieve independent certification to sustainable forestry & chain of custody standards (FSC/SFI/PEFC).
  • Work with our customers to develop packaging solutions that meet cost and performance expectations; optimize materials and energy use; and minimize the environmental impact to individuals and communities throughout their life cycle.

WestRock is committed to annually reviewing the effectiveness of its sustainability policy and initiatives, and to continually improve its management systems and environmental performance.